About Us

Advanced Vascular Technologies was created to help serve those patient who needed expertise in dealing with their Lymphedema and Venous Disorders.

Today, too many companies carry a multitude of products, but understand only a few. Our company sticks to few select product that we know very well. Our staff has a combined 45 years of experience in helping patients deal with Lymphedema. We have provided Lymphedema Compression Pumps to over 4500 patients. Our staff has helped treat everything from children who suffer for Milroy’s Disease ( a form of congenital Lymphedema ), to those suffering from Elephantiasis ( a form of extreme Lymphedema where the limbs of the affected resemble an elephant’s foreleg ).

At Advanced Vascular Technologies, we also are experts in what is covered by insurance companies, and what is not. In today’s environment, that is important. Since insurance companies have made getting the proper equipment very difficult.

We have had many patients who have called us to say their insurance rejected coverage for equipment, only to have us succeed in getting them a compression pump where other providers have failed.