Maritess Dulnikowski @ home, 10_21_17

" Well, I am happy to report total success. My surgery went well, as did the radiation. The last round of Chemo is finished, and my latest scans show me to be Cancer Free. My hair is coming back nicely. Grey hairs are popping up more than they did in the past. But my husband Dan says he doesn't … [Read more...]

The Latest on My Story

Maritess Dulnikowski @ Home 5_7_17

 At my last post in March, I had had a successful surgery, and first round of Chemo.  I was in the middle of my radiation treatments, and I am very happy that they are over. The first few weeks were fine, but the pain caught up to me near the end. The pain was very intense for a while. The slightest … [Read more...]

October is Breast Cancer Month!

Many women who have Breast Cancer are unaware that they have special protections under Federal Law. The following is the text from the Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act. Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act: On October 21 1998, a federal law, the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act, became … [Read more...]

“Do’s and Don’ts of Lymphedema”

To minimize risk of complications with Lymphedema is important to take precautions with the affected limb(s).  Individuals affected by primary or secondary lymphedema and those at risk for developing it (everyone who has undergone lymph node excision and/or radiation treatments) should observe the … [Read more...]