Breast Cancer Can Appear When you Least Expect It

martiess-1-2016-09-13While I am not a medical professional, I have been married to one for thirty years. My husband Dan, has been doing Home Medical Equipment, with a specialty of Lymphedema Compression Pumps for twenty-one years. Being married to somebody who runs a small business can be trying. I have lost count of how many vacations we have gone on where he spent the majority of the vacation on the phone talking to doctors and patients. I never really thought about his Breast Cancer patients until I found a lump in my breast. Now I have Breast Cancer, and appreciate all the more just what my husband does. I am still in Round Two of my Chemo, and have surgery and radiation to deal with. Hopefully, I will win, and not develop Lymphedema. But the possibility is there.

I got lucky because I early detected a lump in my breast. So my message to women everywhere is to check yourself weekly. I never really thought I was at risk. Nobody in my family ever had Breast Cancer. I still have months to go, but I am confident in my doctors, and the Cancer Center where I am going for treatment. I am also lucky to have a supportive husband. Wish me luck.