Getting the Most Out of Your Equipment

Most insurance companies will only replace equipment after five year from the original DOS (or Date Of Service). So it is important to keep your equipment clean and in good working order. The Compression Pump itself usually requires only that you dust the equipment. The best way to keep it working well is not to DROP IT. Keep it on a solid surface near to the ground. TV trays, and other unstable platforms are not acceptable,

The boots or sleeve must be kept clean. We always provide our patients a stockinette garment to put their limb into. The final sleeves are not meant to be placed against bare skin. Using the boots/sleeve without will leave skin residue, perspiration stains, or infected contaminates from open wounds in the sleeve. This can lead to infections if you have open wounds on your legs or arms.

We recommend that you clean the boot / sleeve with a warm water and soap solution ever few weeks. After clearing it out, use a dry rag to finish it up. If you don’t the boot / sleeve will develop an unpleasant smell that will be more difficult to resolve later.