Recent News Confirming the Benefits of Lymphedema Pumps

           “In the November 2015 addition of the Journal of American Medical Association, the Benefits of the Pneumatic Compression Devices in Patients with Lymphedema were examined. Anybody who has had Lymphedema and developed Cellulitis knows just how painful and difficult it can be. Mild cases of Cellulitis can be handled with antibiotics, but more severe cases can end up the emergency room or an extended stay in the hospital. 
             A study of 718 patients who used a pneumatic compression pump showed a major reduction in episodes of cellulitis. Those with Cancer related Lymphedema showed a 21.1% occurrence down to a 4.5%. The non-cancer related cellulitis went from a 28.8% occurrence to a 7.3%. A substantial reduction. This saved Medicare and private insurance companies money, and many patients a great deal of pain. ”