Maritess Dulnikowski @ Home 5_7_17

The Latest on My Story

Maritess Dulnikowski @ Home 5_7_17 At my last post in March, I had had a successful surgery, and first round of Chemo.  I was in the middle of my radiation treatments, and I am very happy that they are over. The first few weeks were fine, but the pain caught up to me near the end. The pain was very intense for a while. The slightest touch against my breast was painful. Now that it is over, the pain has slowly gone away, and I am very thankful for that. I am in the second round of Chemo. It is only every three weeks, and the side effects are minimal. As you can see by my picture, my hair is coming back in nicely. Some grey is showing through, but my husband Danny likes it. I have only a few more months of Chemo left, and I am excited. I will have to be monitored closely to make sure my Cancer does not return. But I have faith, I will be Cancer Free.