Maritess Dulnikowski @ home #1, 3_10_17

Update – Breast Cancer Can Appear When you Least Expect It

“When I posted last in October I was in the middle of my first round of Chemo, and was awaiting on my surgery for Breast Cancer. Well, I had the surgery two months ago, and it was 100 % successful. My Breast Cancer Surgery was done by Dr. Bruce Weiner, M.D. from Phoenixville PA.  He has a reputation as one of the best Breast Surgeons on the East Coast. I was very lucky to have him as my surgeon. He told me afterwards that the Chemo did what it was supposed to do, and shrunk my tumors greatly. So there was not that much to cut out. The sentinel node biopsy was negative, so Lymphedema does not appear to be in my future.

Now I am undergoing Radiation and my last round of Chemo. So far the Radiation has been easy. I have not had many of the side effects that we were warned about. I have had some pain from the treatments, but that was expected.

But my best feeling I am having is that my hair is finally coming back. I still have a buzz cut, but it is growing, and I cannot be more happy. “