Patient Information

Many Insurance plans cover the use of Lymphedema pumps. However, every insurance company has different standards of what is a “medically necessary” and what is not. Very few Insurance plans have the same coverage and benefits. Even within certain insurance companies, they may have different plans with a variety of deductibles, and co-pays. We will take the lead in finding out what is covered under your plan, and what we can provide for you.

All the equipment that Advanced Vascular Technologies provides is by “prescription only”. We will need to have your doctor involved in the ordering process. The physician can be very helpful in getting the equipment covered by your insurance company. We can show “medical necessity” to your insurance company by obtaining proper documentation from the physician who is most familiar with your medical history.

Many insurance companies require that at least thirty days of conservative treatment be done before the patient can get a Lymphedema Compression Pump. Some of these conservative treatments include: Elevation, the use of a compression or support stocking. An exercise program to deal with the edema, physical therapy done by a trained therapist. It is important to have this information in the your health records. A letter written by your doctor will not be accepted by most insurance companies. Only your medical records.

Medicare has adopted the “Face to Face” rule. This means that your physician must see you, and do an exam at least six months prior to prescribing the requested medical equipment. The more detail that he puts into your medical records, the better off you will be.