Advanced Calibrated Lymphedema Pumps

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Segmental Lymphedema Pumps with Calibrated, Gradient Pressure

These are the most sophisticated type of pumps. The advantage of this type of pump is the adjustable, gradient action of the compression. The pressure in the sleeve or boot is the greatest at the point farthest from the body. Each chamber has slightly less pressure as it gets closer to the body. This means that the edema in the limb must move towards the body because the pressure behind the edema is greater than the pressure in front of it. The pumps also have an advantage that the pressure can be changed, or tailored in each individual chamber of the sleeve. This provides much greater flexibility in treating Lymphedema. Areas on the limb that are sensitive to pressure can have the pressure alleviated from that site.

Some Lymphedema pumps come available with either Half Leg Boots, Full Leg Boots, or Arm Sleeves. While some Lymphedema Pumps only offer one size of boot or sleeve, Advanced Rehab Technologies offers many different brands of Pumps. We can fit anybody, of any size. We have some boots and sleeves that are adjustable in size. We can also have custom made garments made for patient of special needs. We have fit patients whose measurements have exceeded 45 inches around at the thigh. That is not a typo, 45 inches around one thigh. For detailed information click Segmental Lymphedema Pumps with calibrated gradient pressure.

Bio Compression 3004

Bio 3008Treatment of swelling with gentle compression increases your circulation, and helps combat the symptoms of lymphedema.

Designed for long term use, the durable, top of the line Bio Compression 3004 calibrated, gradient, sequential, compression device treats people with lymphedema. The device reduces swelling of the arms and legs. It also treats chronic venous stasis ulcers and venous insufficiency.

The device is intended for home or hospital use and:

  • Reduces pain
  • Reduces edema
  • Promotes lymphatic flow by moving fluid in the proper direction (from the hands and/or feet towards the heart)
  • Stimulates circulation to promote wound healing
  • Delivers continuous flow

Bio Compression 3008

Bio-Compression 3008 / Arm Sleeve

Reduce Lymphedema, Reduce Pain

The Sequential Circulator 3008 is an 8 Chamber Gradient, Sequential, and Pneumatic Compression Device. It’s the easiest, most cost-effective method in treating lymphedema and venous stasis ulcers associated with venous insufficiency. The Sequential Circulator 3008 is backed by the best warranty and customer service in the industry!

  • Eight individual chambers with a quick 30-second inflate cycle!
  • Chambers 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 can be individually adjusted. This allows the pump to not inflate over painful wounds and scar tissue creating a higher level of compliance.
  • Four levels of calibrated gradient pressure
  • Bilateral Operation
  • Cost-Effective

Bio-Compression 3008 Pump and Boot

The Sequential Circulator 3008 mimics the lymphatic system. Its “milking” effect promotes lymphatic flow by moving fluid in the proper physiological direction.

Segmented gradient pressure is the cornerstone in treating patients with various vascular disorders. The Sequential Circulator stimulates circulation and delivers a continuous flow. The 3008 provides effective prophylaxis for venous thrombosis.

Open wounds provide clinicians with some of the most severe challenges. The Sequential Circulator 3008 provides segmented gradient pressure, dramatically increasing circulation. Even the most stubborn wounds heal faster.

What Does it Do?

  • Reduces Pain
  • Reduces Edema
  • Mimics the Lymphatic System
  • Promotes Lymphatic Flow by Moving Fluid in the Proper Physiological Direction (distal to proximal)
  • Stimulates Circulation to Promote Wound Healing
  • Delivers Continuous Flow
  • Bilateral Operation
  • Lightweight, Portable, Easy to Use, Cost-Effective

The Sequential Circulator 3008 is indicated for:

  • Primary & Secondary Lymphedema
  • Post-mastectomy Lymphedema
  • Post Groin Dissection Lymphedema
  • Congenital Lymphedema (Milroy’s Disease)
  • Distal or Proximal Obliteration

Venous and Lymphedema Insufficiency:

  • Cural Ulcer
  • Prevention of Thrombosis
  • Post Traumatic, Post Paralytic and other Edemas

GV-3010-M-2 Elite Bilateral Bio Vest 2.jpeg copyBio Compression Systems is continuing the quest to meet the needs of all patients with arm and chest lymphedema with our 16 chamber bilateral arm and vest garment. This all in one garment provides tissue fluid movement from both arms and chest. Lymph fluid is redirected in a downward motion to the femoral passage to be reabsorbed naturally. The new channels formed during this process will remain as long as the treatment is continued as prescribed. A simple Velcro adjustment in the back during the initial fitting and a zippered front for donning thereafter provides ease of use. The unique design of this garment insures a proper fit that lends to no migration while in use. When used with the Bio Compression SC-3008-DL (E0652) Device, compression in any chamber of the garment can be adjusted for comfort and effectiveness.

Bio Compression 3008 Wide Adjustable Boot

Bio Compression 3009 Wide Adjustable Boot

Bio Compression Systems offers a wide variety of boots sizes. From half leg 19″ boots to full leg 36 ” long boots. They also off adjustable boots that can be expanded up to 40 ” around at the top. These boots can be made smaller as the leg shrinks in size. For patients needing a boot larger than 40″ around, we can do custom boots made to the patient’s individual shape.




Bio Compression 3008 Full Leg Boot with Hip Piece

Bio Compression 3008 Full Leg Boot with Hip PieceThis new full leg boot and hip piece is indicated for treatment of lymphedema of the lower extremity, abdomen and groin areas as well as prevention of genital edema for those susceptible. Assists in effectively moving stagnant lymphatic fluid distally to proximally from the foot,upward through the genital and abdominal regions overcoming compromized lymphatic passages moving lymph fluid toward regional nodes for subsequent excretion. This garment is to be used with our Pump Model SC-3008.

Bio Compression 2013 Sizing Chart

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