Circ-Aid, Farrow Wraps

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While Lymphedema Compression Pumps are a great way to reduce the size of a leg, and help increase circulation, they are not 100% of the solution.

Most patients require some type of compression garment. The vast majority of doctors prescribe compression stockings in the 20 to 30 mmhg range. But, many patients cannot put them on without help. Or they have trouble tolerating them for more than a few hours. One problem is that stocking, even custom made stocking do not change size.

SO, if your legs gets smaller after using the pump, they no longer hold snuggly.
This problem is eliminated with Circ-Aid. They are adjustable, so they can adapt to the changes in your leg. They can also be adjusted to the patient’s individual comfort. No more pain from the device cutting into your leg.
The Circ-Aids are available in a variety of off the shelf sizes. We can also do custom sizes.

Not sure what size you need?
Download the Juxta Lite Circ-Aid Measurement Form